Sunsa Digital Workstation

When Gopi Sundar first started working as a keyboard programmer, the facilities, technology and professional work spaces were limited and inadequate for the needs of professional modern day compositions. It used to take him good effort and time to shift from one place to another for composing and thereby limiting the output. It was then that the need of setting up a professional studio environment came as a need of the hour.

In 2002 he setup Sunsa Digital Workstation in Chennai. The studio was a professional setting specifically designed and setup by him to cater to the ever increasing demand for better and creative music. The studio came up in the heart of the city with the state of the art facilities including recording, programming and co-creative facilities. This new environment minimised recording time and enabled artists to have a smooth and pleasant recording experience. The studio was applauded and appreciated by stalwarts in the industry for being the best in terms of technology and environment.

As time progressed, the sheer amount of work from the Malayalam industry required him to set up a studio in Kerala for the ease of recordings. This is was when he decided to choose Kochi, his hometown – the commercial capital of Kerala, for setting up another studio. Sunsa’s second and main recording studio hence came up in the lush and cultural town of Thripunithura in 2014. The studio was designed keeping in mind the present and future requirements of the industry. He was of the view that the studio ambience played a major role in professional music creation and hence the studio boasts of one of the most creative interiors for any music studio in India.

Sunsa Digital workstation boasts of the industry best recording hardware, state of the art mixing decks, recording booths and recording facilities for instruments and mixing.


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