GST Junction

T junction: savour music raw

When Harish Sivaramakrishnan, vocalist of band, Agam, introduced singer Mithun Jayaraj with Srinath Nair on the keys and Sandeep Mohan on the guitar, the listeners at music director Gopi Sundar’s Music Production Hub, Karingachira, were oblivious to the euphonious harmony which would be belted out in its rawest form sans electronic enhancements by the performers. This is what makes Gopi Sundar’s dream project – Gopi Sundar T Junction (GST Junction) – distinct.

“I’ve harboured the thought for ages. Abiding with my dream, I had started a show titled, ‘Me with Pulikal’ to promote upcoming and new artists. The response received was tremendous. The show was laid back and allowed the singer to perform naturally, which shed inhibitions and showed the potential of the singer. Following its success, I began music sessions called ‘T Junction’ at my Production Hub,” says Gopi Sundar. Why T? “For newer artists, this platform is like a T. They can decide which path to choose, post their introduction here,” says the music director.

T Junction seeks to serve the listener with fresh notes, transferred directly from the singer’s vocal cords to the listener’s auditory nerves, without a microphone. Unplugged, this gives the audience an opportunity to decipher the singer’s talent simultaneously making the singer feel at home, thereby letting him/her perform naturally. With an audience of just about 30 members, the performers are seated close to the listeners, making the session an intimate and closely-knit affair.

“I’ve been in the industry for about 24 hours, nevertheless the public has known me for 10 years. There are millions of talented people out there struggling for recognition. I do not want such artists to suffer a similar fate, hence I get them to the public as soon as possible. Stage performances have amplified noises. The impact one receives during this music session is unlike any other, and in its purest sense.

An already established artist introduces a new artist. Else, the session is unstructured. The crowd that gathers here to listen is a creme one – with trained ears,” says Gopi Sundar. The third session is underway, and this concept concert has received nothing but accolades. “Both the audience and the artists have never seen anything like it. Singing at such close quarters, casual interaction with the listeners provides a splendid experience,” he adds.



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