Uyare 100 days

100 Days of Uyare; Parvathy speaks of power of cinema

All the big names, scriptwriter Bobby, composer Gopi Sundar and others, showered praise on Parvathy for her compelling performance as an acid attack survivor, at the 100-day celebration of Uyare at IMA Hall in Kochi.

A clearly emotional Parvathy spoke about the overwhelming response that she received not just from women, but also from men who said that they once were like the negative Govind-character, and they are now able to see the villainy of the person when they see it on screen. “The intensity of messages that I received on the first day itself, the love and brotherhood shown in them, for me meant that Uyare’s reach did not have to extend to the 100th day. It had made a big impact on day 1 itself.”

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