Gopi Sundar Music Company - Promoting fresh music and enabling low budget music production

Professional music production is an extremely meticulous, creative and technological process. Its often the case that young and aspiring talent do not get the right platform and exposure largely because of production costs or due to lack of technical backing. Gopi Sundar treaded the path of music the hard way and understands this none better. With an aim to bring about a change to this, he setup Gopi Sundar Music Company in 2014. The label aims to support aspiring filmmakers and films with promise that reel under tight budget constraints by producing the music while retaining the copyrights of the work. It also looks to provide creative and talented artists a platform for independent music creation and licensing.

Gopi Sundar also understands the value of providing the right mentorship. During his early career days, music director Ousepachan was the one who extensively mentored him. It is this mentorship that helped him scale the peak of success. He still considers mentorship as a major positive influence for any budding talent. The label also aims to bridge the mentorship gap and provide the right nurturing to convert raw talent into a professional and focussed one.

Soundtrack album of Malayalam film Last Supper was the first to be released under the aegis of the label followed by several films with ‘Kamuki’ being the latest. The label also owns copyrights of his songs released on Apple Store, Amazon Music, Spotify and Google Music.

The company whole heartedly welcomes newcomers, new talent, budget conscious producers and anyone who requires music that needs to be produced at an exceptionally low budget with the reach, reliability and support of one of India’s most popular recording labels.